Tips to Make Selling On eBay Easier

If you are just about to start an eBay business then you might be interested in eBay selling tips. There are plenty of tips out there which can make selling on eBay much easier, but knowing which ones can work is often a little difficult.

Everybody with even a small amount of experience selling on eBay seems to have their own eBay selling tips. While there are lots of different tips out there not all of them are important. It’s a good idea to prioritise and decide which tips are the most important for you.

Positive Feedback

It’s important to make sure that you don’t get much negative feedback. It will obviously be impossible to keep immaculate feedback forever because some people are difficult to please. However that doesn’t mean to say that everyone is difficult. Buyers will look at the amount of negative feedback that you have and decide whether or not you can be trusted. If you have too much negative feedback then you might find it very difficult to get anyone to buy anything from you. That’s why it’s so important to treat the customer right.

Make sure that you give your customers everything that they need, show them that you offer them a great service. If they have any problems then do everything you can to resolve the problem before they leave negative feedback.


One of the most important eBay selling tips to listen to are ones related to listings. The quality of your product listing will directly affect the amount of profit that you can make. The listings need to be both professional but not over the top. Lots of people try to use flash animated designs which might be eye catching but don’t look very professional.

It’s better to stick to a simple design and include lots of useful information. It’s also very important that you include photos to back up your claims.

You can of course make full use of fonts, bold and italic typefaces to make your auction stand out from the crowd. You just need to make sure that it doesn’t look like a kid’s school project. It’s also very important that you carefully choose the category that your auction is listed in because this will affect how many people can find your auctions.

Choosing the title

When you want to find eBay selling tips you will need to make sure that you carefully choose the title of your auction. You should also make sure that you include useful keywords because this will be the most popular way that people find items that they are looking for.

Type of auction

You need to carefully choose the type of auction that you are going to use to sell these items. There are a number of different options. You can choose to sell items using a fixed price format, or auction format. You might also like to consider setting up an eBay store to list your own items.

Postage and packing

It’s very important for you to make sure that you find out how much your items will cost to post to buyers. Lots of people have the good idea of selling products with very low prices and then making a profit by charging very high postage prices which is not a good idea.

Make sure you bear these simple eBay tips in mind when you are trying to sell on eBay and you should notice that your profits improve.

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