eBay Selling Tips

eBay Selling Tips

There are literally hundreds of places out there that will list out eBay selling tip after tip. Complicating a process that’s pretty simple, the many eBay selling tip ideas out there might be good, but they don’t top the most important eBay selling tip by a long shot.

The key to being successful in selling on this online marketplace falls squarely in the lap of a single eBay selling tip: be honest!

For those who think lots of visuals, long descriptions or even spectacular, trendy and brand new merchandise are key, think again. The number one eBay selling tip is honesty for a whole lot of reasons. Let’s look at why this scores as the top eBay selling tip in a lot of successful sellers’ books:

· Reputation building. Since eBay is an online community in addition to a marketplace, it’s important to build a good reputation here. If a reputation is bad, customers won’t come. Reputations are key in this community, making this a huge eBay selling tip. The fact is reputations can be made or broken pretty quickly if honest is questioned by buyers or a tarnish is put on reputation due to a bad transaction. This reason alone is enough to make honesty the biggest eBay selling tip out there, but it’s not the only one.

· Repeat business. While dishonest people can and do sell on this site, they tend not to get the repeat business those who follow the number one eBay selling tip do. Since reputations are everything and feedback is easy to give, it’s important to follow this eBay selling tip can keep honesty as a virtue.

· Dispute resolution. Even the best eBay sellers will find themselves with dissatisfied customers from time to time. If the main eBay selling tip is followed, settling disputes will likely go much smoother. It’s even possible for those who follow this eBay selling tip to turn lemons into lemon aid as far as feedback is concerned.

· Higher bids. While this won’t always pan out as a result of this eBay selling tip, it can. Buyers are more apt to bid higher amounts if they truly believe they can trust a seller to deliver what he or she says. If the main eBay selling tip is followed, this potential is unlocked. Think about it, would you bid $500 on a trading card from someone with no prior reputation, or worse, a person that has a reputation for not delivering? No! And, neither do the people on eBay, in most cases.

There are a whole lot of different eBay selling tip ideas out there, but the one to hold tightest is honesty. If you approach selling with integrity, rewards very often come on this site.

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