eBay Money Making Tips

eBay Money Making  Tips

If you’re one of the many thousands out there who are looking for a quick and easy way to make money then you’ve probably thought about how to make money on eBay. People use the eBay money making machine in different ways, some simply use it to make a little extra cash when they need it and some use it to make there living, and some do very well out of it I might add. If you are currently making money online using the eBay selling machine, are you making the money you you hope to be making? If you’re not then read on as I’m about to reveal to you some eBay selling strategies, tips that can help you sell your items quicker. When people are searching on eBay for some thing they want to buy the first thing most buyers will do is checkout the feed back of the eBay seller, as they do not want to be scammed.

The obvious reason for wanting to make a purchase from a highly rated or recommended eBay seller is it reduces the risk of being scammed. receiving good feedback is a great way to get yourself a good reputation, but there is another way to help boost your reputation as well and that’s your “about me” page. Your “about me” page is where you give a little description about yourself and your eBay business, this way potential customers can get a feel for you and your business. Your “about me” page is optional but highly recommended as there are quite a few benefits to having one. Once a buyer has found an item they want and they’ve also discovered he is pretty reputable simply by looking at his about me page and his feedback they will then take a further and deeper look at the actual eBay selling item that they’re interested in. As an eBay seller, this will be your biggest chance of making a sale, so to begin with you should always sell your items at a reasonable price. And remember this, when listing your eBay selling item you’re doing so to make a profit and don’t want to scare of potential buyer’s with unfair prices.

Firstly, try to keep your prices low enough to entice potential customers to actually buy from you, but also high enough for you to make a profit. The second eBay money making selling tip I’d like to share with you is, always describe your eBay selling items as accurately as possible, for instance if your item is a box full of DVD’s you’ll have a far better chance of making a sale if you put a list of which DVD’s you have for sale in your item description. Always state the condition of your items for sale, by including a detailed description in your eBay auction you are increasing your chances of selling them. As well as having a detailed description for your items you should try to always add a photo of your eBay money making item that you are selling, you are allowed one free photo, but you can use more but fee’s will apply.

Don’t be put off by the extra fee’s because the more photo’s you have the better your description will look which in turn will increase your chances of making that all important sale. When using photo’s in your description try to use close up shots so people can get a good look at your item, also make sure they are well lit and easy to see. Having poor quality photo’s or not having any at all is one big reason why items don’t sell. The way you accept customer payments can also have a negative impact on your auction, the most common and widely accepted for of payment used on eBay is PayPal. The reason PayPal is so popular is because shoppers don’t have to disclose their account or credit card details. So if you don’t have a PayPal account, get one.

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